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It's ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS sweetie darling!

Wheel's on Fire! Click image for the theme song, sweetie!

Don't just stand there, waiting for that outfit to come back in fashion... Come on in Sweetie Darling!

Champagne sweetie? Click on Patsy and Eddie for an invitation.

Welcome to the Absolutely Fabulous world of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, fashion slaves and social deviants. Eddy's life is centered around NAMES, NAMES, NAMES! and labels like our favorite fashion maven, Lacroix! Eddy's partner in crime is Patsy "I'm an alcoholic" Stone, a slutty version of Ivana Trump who puts the "Ho" in "Haute Couture" . Watch Patsy torment Eddie's nun-like daughter, Saffron. You Little Bitch Troll From HELL! Join in the bloody buggery fun as Eddie and Patsy romp around London and live from crisis to crisis!

AbFab Images and Sounds!

Get with it sweetie, it's practically LACROIX!

Click on the thumbnail for a more FABULOUS image!

"Four-hundred years on a potato diet ain't gonna fit into a Gautier cup"

You want Mummy to be a boring old TOILET-GOER?

Eddie dials her wardrobe consultant

"Emergency liposuction!"

Pats criticizes Bubble

"Don't let her talk to you like that Eddie!"

Bubble explains the concept of a year

Eddie's Catchphrase

Eddie threatens Saffy

Eddie objects to passive boredom

Somebody light Patsy's cigarette, sweetie!

Eddie Instructs Bubble

Eddie admonishes GapKids

Patsy is looking for some GORGEOUS THINGS, sweetie!

Eddie recoils at LaCroix babyspew

Bubble explains the fax - "Urgent, important PAPERS!"

Eddie sums up the UMCP Theatre Department!

"Neat? She was so anally retentive she couldn't sit down for fear of SUCKING UP THE FURNITURE!"

They'll think "Wow! It's a Lacroix!"

Fabulous French from Patsy


"Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie, sweetie!"

Make Mummy a vodka, sweetie...
Click on good old Patsy for the AbFab drinking game!

Links, Sweetie!

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