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Welcome To Disco Pablo's Fiesta Page!

Paul Menard

It's DISCO PABLO's theme song! If you don't hear it, click HERE

Hola! WELCOME TO DISCO PABLO'S HOMEPAGE - Everybody's favorite disco-dancin'-John-Waters-lovin' GAPboy.
This is what you get when you place technology into the hands of a fine arts major...I'm a Junior at the lovely University of Maryland . Why not step into the Copacabana Lounge? Here is where you'll find my list of obsessions - ranging from Absolutely Fabulous to ABBA to tacky 80's music.
Special thanks to my best friend Jill, go visit her page.

A Gift From Disco Pablo!

Since so many people LOVED the Heart of Glassisms, I've decided to give y'all more! Click on Debbie to download the video in Quicktime form! Please feel free to note the similarities between this video and the Cardigan's Lovefool.

A Personal Message From DISCO PABLO Fifteen Minutes of Fame has lasted longer than I ever expected...which explains why I haven't updated this page since the Carter administration. This summer has been so fabulous, it's gonna get its own section. Apart from seeing Erasure and Bjorn Again, I spent most of my vacation in New York City, which is why I've been out of cyber-contact. Unfortunatly, my dial-up service is about as effecient as the US Postal Service, so don't expect much work done on the good old Fiesta Page until I move back to school (end of August). In the mean time, I have once again fallen into the GAP. Feel free to keep those great e-mails comin' - I love 'em! If you don't hear from me soon, don't worry, I'll get to you. And in response to those who have requested a DISCO PABLO photo, I've uploaded a my own artist's rendering. It's painfully obvious that I didn't take CAD in my brief stint as an architecture major (don't ask...). In any case, click HERE to get as close to a DISCO PABLO without a scanner. Love, Live, and Boogie-Oogie-Oogie...

Here is a more comprehensive menu for y'all (we use that word in Laurel...)


My Absolutely Fabulous Page, Sweetie Darlings!

The Copacabana Lounge


Do the Bump in the Disco!

Mad Phat Links - they're DA BOMB!

ABBA Links for all you Dancing Queens!
RICKI LAKE! The talk show hostess with the mostest
John Waters' films are simply DIVINE!
"Dance this mess around!" My favorite band since I was three! The B-52's!
Soupcans, Marilyn, and more...the Andy Warhol Museum
AbFab sounds - get with it sweetie, it's practically Lacroix!
"I'm Free!" The Are You Being Served? Homepage
Not all that amusing, but it involves the GAP!
Missed this year's May Procession? Now us recovering Catholics can get a quick POPE fix!

You are theguest to hustle with Disco Pablo.